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Proudly Serving the Malibu Area! 

Thomas Murray Roofing-Malibu is a full service, family-owned roofing company with over 30 years of experience in the Los Angeles area. All of the workmanship for new roofing and most repairs is fully guaranteed. We source, work with, and install many different types of roofing materials, and can assist you with tiles, shingles, gutters, decks, metal, coatings, and hot-mop.


Our roofing experts can install tile in a variety of sizes, shapes, color, and weight; anything from a lightweight wood shake design to a high-end slate, double channel smooth ceramic tile, and high tech lightweight plastic. We can also install different types of Spanish tiles including a traditional 2-piece design (clean looking) or an old-school thick mortar bleed design. Another popular tile design that we install is the Spanish styled “S” style in a variety of different shapes and colors.

What We Can Do For You 

In terms of slate roofing, we can install beautiful traditional slate and lightweight imitation plastic rooftops designs, such as De Vinci or Cedar-lite.We can also install Cool Energy reflective torch down bitumen cap sheet, Title 24 compliant. Or torch down cap sheets in a variety of different colors. This type of roofing is clean, safe, and perfect for flat rooftops. Our experts specialize in slope cement techniques to assist in proper water drainage.


When it comes to shingle roofing we can install old school, 3-tab flat style shingles as well as Solaris Lifetime Dimensional shingles and Presidential and Presidential and TRI-laminated 50 year asphalt shingles.  Most commonly we install Solaris reflective lifetime dimensional asphalt shingles, that are Title 24-31 code compliant, in a variety of different colors and manufacturers.


With gutters, we install 26 gauge baked aluminum seamless gutter canals in a variety of colors; as well as 4,5, and 6 inch (width) with metal screen guards options. All of these gutter systems are cut to size on site and customized by our roofing experts. In terms of downspouts for our gutters, we do 2x3” and 3x5” corrugated downspouts with elbows, half round or crown shaped,  decorative chain downspouts, and can even make them in copper.


Although not many roofing companies still offer hot tar services, we still do! We can do hot tar roof rock repairs, or all new roofs with reflective white rocks, or granite #5 in different sizes, or even decorative styled rocks. Our company can also do hot tar decking underlayment. For this we perform 3 moppings (layers) with a 28 lbs base sheet and lay two 11 lbs felts in between moppings.


Thomas Murray Roofing can also assist you with your decks and porches as well. We can work wood and do wood repairs, cement and life decking systems, and can do a number of cement color top coats. We install GACO and APOC 100% pure silicone deck systems and flat top roof coating. 


We are one of the few companies that install high end metal roofing. For this we use 24 gauge baked aluminum 8,12,16 size panels custom on site vertical metal rooftop panels. We use Boral superior peel and stick underlayment.


Call Thomas Murray Roofing today for all your Roofing needs. 310 779-5265 


Let us serve you in the Malibu area! 

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